With the impacts of climate change most heavily impacting small island communities- Base Isle aims to pay tribute to its island inspiration Seychelles, by putting sustainability at the forefront of the brand. We do this by sourcing eco-friendly materials to be used in all stages of the production lifecycle. Starting with the fibre and dye used in our fabric, and ending with 100% recycled materials we use to package and ship our creation to you. The capsule collection is made from 100% pure hemp, which is manufactured by extracting strands from the Cannabis sativa plants stalk. Compared to mass-produced materials like cotton, Hemp uses far less water, filters CO2 from the atmosphere leaving the air we breathe cleaner, and has a powerful ability to regenerate the soil it’s grown in by absorbing carbon and nitrogen from the air, and putting it back in the ground.

By using one of the world’s most versatile natural fibers, we ensure our fabrics are environmentally conscious, while also crafted to be durable and built to last.

As we expand our production, we will continue to experiment with natural occurring fibers and will be drawn to local artisans who leverage the natural world in their work. We’re hopeful this will continue to inspire our future collections, so keep your eyes peeled! We want you to love the way the clothes feel on your skin, and feel good knowing you’ve worn something that has the well being of the earth at its heart.

Other benefits of our hemp capsule collection include:
A guarantee that our materials are 100% pesticide free, as hemp does not require
any synthetic or chemical agents to grow
UV blockers naturally found in hemp to help defend you from the sun
Natural anti-microbial characteristics to fight mold, mildew and scents, making
our collection perfect for hot and humid days
Breathable and insulating fabric to easily transition between cool and warm climates
With 3-4X the strength of cotton, these pieces are made to last and stand the test of time