Celebrating Seychelles Festival Kreol

Posted By:
Melissa Chow


In the center of Seychellois culture lies an event that shines with colors, rhythms, and a rich history, the Festival Kreol. This annual celebration is a beautiful and meaningful part of the culture in Seychelles, with unity, diversity, and heritage.



The Festival Kreol, held annually in October, is a homage to the Seychellois Kreol heritage. It's a time when the nation proudly showcases its unique blend of African, European, and Asian influences that have shaped its language, music, dance, and cuisine. 

Music is the heartbeat of this celebration. The air is full of the melodious tunes of traditional Sega music, the beats of Moutya drumming, and the harmonies of contemporary Kreol sounds. People sway to the rhythms of the music, bringing together generations and communities.



Dance is another aspect, with performers in authentic costumes on the stage, depicting tales of Seychellois folklore through their intricate movements. The sega dance, with rolling hips and rhythmic steps, takes viewers to a world of history and tradition. If you haven't had the chance to see videos, we highly recommend looking some up!

You can’t talk about the Festival Kreol without including the delicious food. The smells of freshly prepared fish curries, coconut-infused dishes, and spicy rougailles fills the air, inviting everyone to join.

Throughout the festival, artisans proudly display their crafts, showcasing handmade products of the people of Seychelles. Visitors also have the chance to admire and acquire unique pieces of local art, jewellery and vibrant paintings.


As the sun sets on the Festival Kreol, leaving behind memories of laughter, music, and culture, it's a reminder of the beauty found in celebrating diversity and heritage. In Seychelles, the Festival Kreol stands as a symbolic event that brings people together from all over the islands, celebrating their culture and unique history.